If you want to enjoy a nice view on the city center of Hann. Münden, Germany – there is no place like the Tillyschanze. It is a 25 meters high watchtower located within the Reinhardswald, 90 meters above the city. It was created by a commitee of citizens of Hann. Münden between the years 1881 and 1885 – commemorating the conquest of the city by Tilly in 1626.
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The “Nadelwehr” in Hann. Münden, Germany is a traditional barrage used to higher the level of the river Werra. It consists of wooden needles put into the river close to the watergate and the old Werra bridge. In the past this technique was used to raise the water level for ships or to use the energy of the water for mills.
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Around the world

Miniature railways are a children’s dream and always create happiness. One of the biggest I’ve seen so far can be found in Wiehe in Eastern Germany, close to Sangerhausen and the A38. It offers 12.000 m² of miniature railway exhibition. It starts with a landscape of the federal state of Thüringen and the route then leads throughout Germany, Europe and the World (with a focus on the United States). Continue reading “Around the world”

Canaletto view

In 1748 the painter Bernardo Bellotto – better known as Canaletto – painted the famous picture “Dresden From the Right Bank of the Elbe Below the Augustus Bridge“. The title says it all, it is a wonderful depictation of the “skyline” of Dresden, Germany – including all those wonderful buildings close to the Elbe. Continue reading “Canaletto view”


The Lollapalooza is a festival held in many countries like Chile, Argentina and Colombia and dating back to Chicago, USA in 2001. In Berlin, Germany the Lollapalooza got an additional home in 2015 on the Tempelhofer Feld. In 2016 this area was needed to host refugees and the Lollapalooza took place in the Treptower Park with massive problems with people living and working nearby. Therefore it was the first and also the last time that the festival was located here. Continue reading “Lollapalooza”


Hann. Münden, Germany is a place for day trippers and bicyclists that enjoy the beautiful landscape and the old city center. Therefore the town has some restaurants, coffee bars and also contains some ice parlors. The best in my opinion is located close to the bridge that leads visitors to the Tanzwerder containing the Weserstein. If you’re on this path simply grab some icecream from the Ketty Eismanufaktur. You won’t be disappointed. Continue reading “Eismanufaktur”

Crossing the Weser

The normal way to cross a river on a bridge is practical but unspectacular. Along the river Weser there are different places where you can use a ferry to get on the other side. In Hemeln, a part of Hann. Münden, Germany you can get over on foot or within your car and you meanwhile also cross the border from Lower Saxony to Northern Hesse. Continue reading “Crossing the Weser”